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Alberta Aqua-Tech Ltd

Alberta Aqua Tech Ltd has been offering advanced water treatment technology and water systems (in Edmonton and all of Alberta) to farms/acreages and residential and commercial organizations as a locally owned and operated family business since 1986.

Owner, Henry Ferguson, offers his customers easy-to-understand information on all aspects of water and its treatment as well as interesting information on how hard water affects our daily lives.

It’s interesting to note that water is necessary for survival and that the majority of the population isn’t aware of just what they are drinking.

With a common sense approach to running his business, Henry says, “why not offer competitive pricing to all of our clients?”

While working for a competitor, Henry realized that there were business practices that he felt were unacceptable. That’s why, when he started his own company, Henry strived to offer the highest quality water treatment at a competitive price. That commitment to affordable quality has contributed to the success of his business for over 30 years!

Alberta Aqua Tech Ltd offers reverse osmosis drinking water systems, distillers, water softeners, iron filters, and chlorination systems of all sizes and capabilities for both residential and commercial applications.

Henry is pleased to offer you professional service, the highest quality products, and competitive prices. If you have any questions or are interested in installing a water treatment system, please contact Henry.

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