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Get Chemical-Free Filtering with One of Our Iron Filters

If you want to filter your water without chemicals, Alberta Aqua-Tech Ltd can help supply you with one of our iron filters in Edmonton.

Once installed, the chemical-free iron filter requires little or no attention. It automatically removes soluble iron, sometimes called ferrous iron or “clear water,” and precipitated iron, sometimes called ferric iron or "red water."

It is safe and very economical because it requires none of the expensive or messy chemicals conventional iron filters use. The chemical-free iron filter features two major components: an air injector and a back washable filter containing Birm® media. In some applications, a contact tank or an additional pressure tank may be required for the iron filter to function.

The air injector adds a controlled amount of air to the water supply just before it enters the pressure tank. The air starts the iron removal process as the water sits in the tank.

The iron changes into a colloidal state, and as such, it is trapped throughout the filter bed.

The chemical-free filter media remains unchanged at the end of the oxidation process and consequently, requires no chemical regeneration. Periodic backwashing of the filter bed flushes the precipitated iron to the drain and readies the filter for use again. The duration and frequency of backwashing varies from 10 to 12 minutes every four to 12 days, depending on iron concentration and water usage.

Special features:

  • Minimal operating costs, which require no chemicals for regeneration
  • Removes iron concentrations up to 35 mg/L
  • Only occasional backwashing required, conserving water as compared with conventional iron filters
Water softener meter

Pentair 5600 CC NextSand Turbidity Filters

Suspended particulate matter, such as clay and silt, give water a cloudy appearance. Our turbidity filters use multiple medias to filter particulate matter down to 20 microns size. The result is clean, clear water. The multi-media bed facilitates more thorough backwashing and prevents channelling. Periodic backwashing by the control valve cleans the bed.


Pentair 5600 CC Activated Carbon Filters

Unpleasant taste and odours caused by chlorine organic substances, such as decayed vegetation and runoff, are absorbed by top-quality activated carbon. The filter will automatically backwash based on volume through the filter using a metre-initiated controlled valve. This frees the bed of accumulated impurities and readies it for operation again.

Treat Your Water and Yourself

Turn to Alberta Aqua-Tech Ltd to enhance your water by filtering, softening, or disinfecting it.

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